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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Google finds family members for me

I have a google search that comes to me every day via email. It comes several times a day alerting me to the most recent crawls across the web by the very speedy and smart google spiders.

I get lots of information to read, sometimes of Suzanne Roces the student and athelete, Philippines, Orlando Roces the politician, Anding Roces the famed author and columnist, Ding Roces the artist in Sydney, Australia, Isabella Roces the model, Dr. Mina Roces the professor and author in Sydney, Australia, Chino Roces, the publisher, José Luís Roces the businessman in Argentina, Joaquin Rafael Roces the prosecutor in Reno, Nevada, Miles Roces the congressman, and even navel gazing my own Roces Family Website. For some reason Carlos Roces the artist in Gijon, Spain sends me links manually. I never seem to see him in my google crawls.

Most interestingly are the small blogs that pop up from time to time. I've not sent an email or contact to them but I take note of them and will revisit them if I can see an actual Roces connection in their blogs. Sometimes Roces is attached for reasons that aren't apparent and they never come up on the blog again. Other times it seems like a match for a far flung family member that I try to contact them.

My best leads for finding family members is because YOU came here either by search ending or by family member telling you about it. People contact me from time to time, telling me tales of how they are connected to the family or how they don't know their connection to the family but find the last name in their family tree.


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