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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Moving forward

It's the first real post of the 2006 and it is going to be a simple request.

Those of you who are related to the Roces Family, I need some information. Since I started this I have been filling in the family tree as best as I can. When I meet up with someone I request information about their parents and siblings and any children they may have.

I need to continue to fill it in. So if you are the head of a household, please contact me before you send anything. I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable like they are sending personal information to someone that they do not know. If we've been in contact before please send me the most information you can which means please include birthdates and significant dates like marriages, divorces and the like. If you'd like to include a family portrait, please do so and list all the family members on the photo. Pets are also welcome as well.

Even if you think that I have your information, please contact me so that I can verify the information that I have.

The detailed information will only be shared with known family members, what does that mean? Well I won't give it to someone that isn't sponsored or vouched for by another person who has been verified either live in person or via another family member who has done or claims the same. The family tree will be public, but the details will not.

To help me with this I have been working on a new program that will allow me to filter out family members from the general public. I hope to complete the work on it and implement it by March.

Please email me your information at


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