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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Multimedia Gallery Complete

I was able to get the video and photo gallery up late Sunday night.

I've been burning the candle on 3 ends and this past weekend was no exception. A good number of things going personally from my wife being offered a job in Norwalk, CT about 1.5-3 hours by car depending on traffic. When I'm not doing the website, I'm working on unveiling a product that I think is very marketable so that's also taking up time, but I digress from what is supposed to be the focus of my time now.

When I completed the Photopost installation on Sunday, I did had made an integration error and could not seem to figure out how come I was getting errors on the main forum board. What should have been a very simple modification (which was the major reason I picked this software over others) wasn't working as simply as I expected.

After posting on the support forums for the past couple days I had not been able to come up with a solution with the technician. It turned out that I had followed some incorrect previous solution into the newest solution. Once I patched up the coding correctly my modification popped up quite beautifully.

Please check it out...and please feel free to upload some of your family photos, movies, sound files, etc. after you at least tell the security guard a "knock knock" joke.


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