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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Meeting with Kain

I'm meeting with Kain in just a few hours. We're going to discuss the flowchart and templates. All day yesterday until late last night and up early this morning, I've been preparing the beta area.

I am starting to cull content to fill up Mambo, which is a rich content management system. My hope is that Mambo will tie all the parts together to create a seamless universe via one login. What normally happens in most sites that I've navigated as you move from one function to another function you have to login yet again. This means that one could have several logins just to access the Family Tree to the Family Gallery from the Mambo front page. It would be slightly annoying the first time, but cookies help a little with the "remember me" check box. Some modules boil down to compatibility, others it's a matter of setting up properly from the beginning. I'm finally ready to rollup my sleeves and start to work putting it all together and launch. I now feel like I need to rush because I'd like to have something in place before we arrive in the Philippines.

This project is really drawing on all my skillsets from evaluting and deploying software solutions for people around the world, to creating a simple process for usage and adminstration training. I'm drawing on my years of computer support and helpdesk to create a simple robust experience that doesn't overwhelm.

Kain and I will go over the flowchart which he's adjusted and I've amended.


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