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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Dori's trip has been approved.

Now we need to hammer out dates of travel, there's a small chance of making the trip be a world wide trip, going from NYC to Hong Kong (layover) to Philippines to India to London (stay over 2 days) and back to NYC. If I cannot do the full trip, I will do an abbreviated one just NYC to Hong Kong to Philippines to Hong Kong to NYC for about 10 days. The logistics of the flight is also a challenge since we're trying to make sure that we are on the same flight and hopefully sitting next to each other.

I'm looking at a 2 week pass needed from work, and of course we need to find the funds to do this effectively. It's going to be tricky since the project that has been slowly moving is finally moving faster. While I'm just gone for 2 weeks, right now I'm critical to this since I'm the only one internally who knows it so well. I'm hoping that by that time we can have training and installation before the trip, which will give my boss much more peace of mind since he'll be the one to step up to fill in my shoes.


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