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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Busy Weekend

I was quite busy with some personal items and when I did have some spare time I was elbow deep into manuals and software again. If we are going to the Philippines in just about 5 weeks, I would like to have something already up besides this blog page.

I am putting together the forum and gallery software in the evenings. It's very challenging getting it setup the way that I'm trying to setup, along with of course, a simple interface so that it's not so intimidating to family members.

I will also start posting "Roces In The News" as I find Roces family members who are highlighted, authored, mentioned, in any news articles that I can find. I have a few collected today, so it will start quickly.

What this means is that the needs are outgrowing Blogger already. I need to have categories so that you the reader can at least sort through the information in a coherent manner to help you manage your time. Only want to see what is going on in the building of the website? Well, as it stands now, you'll have to scroll about until you find it. Categories will allow one to sort and only see those in the selected categories. I have planned for this, and the change should happen hopefully sometime this week. I have been keeping a concurrent application as I test it with most of this blog information. I just need to transfer the sidebars and 3 entries and it should be complete.


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