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Sunday, July 10, 2005

The process of fleshing out the design

I've been meeting with the web designer for most of the weekend. We've talked about how all the components and parts will meet together into one cohesive document. The process we are following in creating is an established design process by a well known desing firm in Chelsea. We are focused on Phase 2.

The technology parts are falling into place rather easily once I identified the needs to address multimedia aspects. I still have to settle on a couple other software pieces, but the delay in selecting those pieces is more about upgradability, easy of maintenance, and security.

I will have to settle on them soon because that's a portion of the architecture. There's a few items that I'd like to leave as "future upgrades" because the whole project at once seems a little overwhelming to implement all at once, which is where Phase 5 comes into play.

One of the parts that I know I have to start doing immediately is contacting each and every living family member currently from the Alejandro Roman Domingo Roces line that I can find and contact. It is quite a daunting task since just the in my own line of Rafael Filomeno Roces, he had 11 children of which 8 are still going strong and are spread out all over the world.


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