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Friday, July 29, 2005

Go Phase 2!

I've been busy at work and also at home, which leave little time for me to work on this. Phase 2 is about ready, I met with Kain for lunch on Thursday and I met with him again on Friday. I have notes and sketches that I will hand off to him electronically tomorrow. He can then begin the prototyping and layout parts of this phase. I also would like to put a deadline for me to hit and then a date for launch. While there is absolutely no reason for me to have a hard deadline, it helps me manage my time better knowing that I'm supposed to complete something by a deadline. I've been wanting to work on this thing already for 2 years and only now rolled up my sleeves and started working on it.

I'm going over and double checking some of the security aspects of my design. I find it important to let family members feel safe and secure just like they would at any other family member's house that they visit. I am going over security measures and data presentation to make sure that I don't leave a "window or side door open." I am also contemplating varing degrees of security from SSL to VPN solutions in order to make sure that the possibilty of not having too much information readily available to identity theives. One thing that I was initially concerned about was date of birth, but having access to several birth certificate nationwide database searches makes that point a bit moot. It doesn't take alot to be able to get that kind of information, just a subscription to the service. So far I have been able to corrobrate birth records for everyone born in the United States between 1905 to present. While the point of birthdates and mother's maiden name are used by some institutionsl, birth records make that point moot because they are also freely available I don't see any reason to make it easy for the theives. (Some people here in NYC don't even bother to lock their car doors so that they don't get their window broken during a "break in;" I don't subscribe to that belief.) My point is not to scare people from giving me information, quite the contrary, I want to educate family members to some of the perils that are out there and how to properly protect yourself against identity theft.

MiG has so much information out there right now it's amazing. There's his official website which is currently on hiatus. After his site,the official INXS CBS site, there is the INXS contestant blog. a fan forum, "stalker" fan sites, journal communities, and reality tv discussion boards. Various press articles of his theatrical performances and now more currently his INXS performances are showing up. Because he is in this show, I'm finding hits of his name all over the globe, Spain, Japan, Netherlands, Philippines, Australia, and the US to name a few. I'm not really all that sure how to distill it all down into something that fits here, but I will have a biography page for him just like I would for everyone.


  • Hi, believe it or not I'm bookmarking your page because I'm curious what you'll put in that bio page about MiG. Wow, is that sounding like a stalker? I'm not. Was just surfing the net for MiG articles and your blog caught my interest. It would be nice if your MiG bio will have something different/extra from what have been published already. :-) I'm a member of the migcentral forum you mentioned in your entry, by the way. The Rockstar:INXS thing is what made me a fan of his... liked him before I realized he was also Filipino.

    Another thing I want to comment on is: I think your family project is cool! Many Filipino clans have members scattered all over the globe nowadays, including mine. Ofcourse my family has no one famous like yours does. Point is: it is a good idea for someone to establish a website for everyone in the family to know who is/was who and keep in touch.

    I've attempted something similar (mind you, not as grand) for our family, but my brothers didn't like the idea of having their names on the net, and I'm no good with security blah blah. I actually planned something of a house too. Being a SIMS game fan, my virtual house was something I created from the game - (the images were broken apart and used as links using Macromedia Flash). Well, like I said, I didn't finish it.

    Good luck with your project!

    By Blogger grapejuice, at 8/19/2005 04:02:00 AM  

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