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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Family Tree transferred and "House" foundation laid

I finished transferring all the names from the Sassy Mae created family tree. I need to make some corrections since there are some errors where people like Marlene Roces is cited as being married to her father instead of being her daughter. I also have to fill in the holes of cousins and people at my generation and beyond that were not included which will take some time.

At work I'm currently working on a logging and transcribing system for collecting all the field tapes they use for reality TV creating. I found a neat tool (read: gadget) the Sony Visual Voice Recorder ICD-CX50 which I'd love to get since it would make for some easy digitizing interviews and also take some simple 1.2mp pictures to annotate the conversation. What makes this neat besides the fact it looks like I can shave while I'm interviewing and taking snapshots, is that I can use technology to transcribe the interview. Voice regonition software is quite accurate nowadays that one can pretty much let computers do automatic transcription. This brings to bear a whole new way of collecting oral tradition from the elders of the family.

I purchased a vbulletin forum software this past week and have been tinkering with it. It's quite powerful. I'm going to learn how to code php a little more just so that I can understand what mods are going to do to the system before I apply them. No need to kill the system before it's even launched.

I'm working on a content management system now which will help organize and present the material so that it stays somewhat fresh and you don't keep coming to a static page day after day. There's going to be a lot of material in biographies, pictures, videos, and stories.

I need to make sure that I sit with Kain the website designer this coming week. He's done some very impressive websites most notably a fan site for a cult movie and the special f/x makeup artist of that movie. I really would like to determine just what day I can make an official launch and announcement to the whole family. In order to get that, I'll need to know just what work is left to be done and just what kind of time he's going to need to do the layouts and graphics. We're also going to have to make sure that there is a simple front end to allow family member to upload their pictures, video, and audio easily. This week I will make sure to test the streaming server so that I can start collecting movies from family members even if they are done via email or FTP server.

If there's any family members out there reading this that has any ideas or graphics to submit from family stationary, old business letter heads, family art, seals, marks, etc. I would love to incorporate them into the mix.


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