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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Begin Phase 2, no really begin it already

I've not been thinking about it at all. I've been elbow deep in trying to understand just what the software applications can do so that I can implement from a resonable expectation and not be confounded by limitations of the software. While I do have a grand vision, I've tried to temper it with some limitations in mind, some because of future potential growth and others by seeing that the software can only accomplish so much out of the box and that some of the "grand vision" is going to cost money to implement" While I'd love to do "the works" money and time are finite. (I honestly don't know what "the works" would be...)

I have been looking at many other content management systems and how they are melded together into a seamless experience. There is such variety in the ability to customize these software front ends into something that looks so incredibly different from each other. I see that as a strength on one hand, but for me a weakness because too many choices can make me indecisive. I'm going to give myself a research deadline of the end of the week in order to make sure that I don't keep the process hampered in analysis paralysis.

While I'm still poking around with the technology. I did make a goal of having to gather and prepare a process for interviewing people. I'd like to make it as simple and flexible as possible. I don't want to move forward only to find that I need to backtrack to add some extra questions or re-acquire video/audio footage. The interview questions have been gathered, I now need to form them into a cohesive process which I will also complete by the end of the week.

One of the things that I want to be careful of is making sure that I document the processes so that they can be used and handed off to anyone. This way someone else can continue my work or even work in concert with me. This will ensure that everyone gets their story collected in the same manner and it be as complete and as thorough as possible each and every time.


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