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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Setting the stage

I've been mulling over the site design and metaphor to represent this site. I've looked over many geneology sites and family type sites, but nothing that encompasses what I'm trying to accomplish.

I think I've finally figured out some basics sections and offerings, but am still stuck on some design elements. Luckily for me I work with lots of creative people who can give me some feedback on highly trafficked website organization. While I don't anticipate that this will be so highly trafficked, I do anticipate that it should have a scope and longevity that I cannot even begin to imagine.

Since this is geared to family, there's really only one common denominator to all families across generations and cultures, and that's the home.

The low hanging fruit of this idea are really easy to see and grasp immediately.

The Living Room/Salón/Sala: First, notice that I am including a Spanish/Tagalog translation. This area will be where discussions of the family occur via forums. Discussions of all topics will try to be addressed from simple "Emigrating 101" to "Philippines: Current Affairs" to "Spain: The Origins of Roces" to just about any open public discussion you'd have with your friends and family.

The Dining Room/Comedor/?: This area will be a private family validated section, meaning that it's not going to be open to the general public. The discussions here I intend to be a more personal nature since the activity of breaking bread is usually expressed as more intimate in nature. This discussion area will be geared to "Who are you, and how are we related?" to "Shared Family Gatherings"

The Study/Despacho/?: This space will be the heart of the geneology area. There will be a family tree, space to put up pictures of family members, multimedia files, newsclippings, outside family webiste mirroring, and items of historical family interest.

The Kitchen/Concina/?: I envision this area to be a space for keeping and trading family recipes. All grandmas/abuelas are yummy cooks, but some of grandpas/abuelos have their own special recipes too.

Ultimately, I'd like to try to capture snapshots of this website so that we can also have copies of all the information so that internet connectivity isn't required to browse some of the historical data. The internet connectedness will keep the information current and fresh but a DVD compilation can ensure that even those who want to archive this information for generations to come.


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